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Warren Easton Charter High School Students Host 8th Annual SAVE/No Place for Hate Empowerment Day Program

Friday, March 31: Lusher, McMain, and McDonogh 35 to participate in anti-bullying conference

WHAT:  Warren Easton Charter High School is hosting its 8th SAVE/No Place for Hate Empowerment Day Program, a unique educational awareness event focusing on effective ways to prevent and reduce youth violence and bullying.  Warren Easton Charter High School and its Student Council will join the Student Council members of Lusher, McMain , and McDonogh 35, along with a host of other schools for this year’s SAVE/No Place for Hate Empowerment Day Program.

WHEN:  Friday, March 31, 8am-2:30pm

*Please call Mr. Elzey at (504) 715-0634 or (504) 324-7400 for more information.

WHERE:  Warren Easton Charter High School, 3019 Canal Street, N.O., LA 70119  (In the Auditorium)

WHY:   Easton is uniting several high schools in their efforts to address bullying by hosting an in-school violence prevention conference on the campaign’s “Empowerment Day”; formerly known as “Challenge Day” Roundtable discussions among students will devise strategies and action plans to reduce youth violence and bullying throughout the year.

The event is a transformational day of fun, leadership and empowerment that can change the way people view one another by providing tools to students to help stop the teasing, violence and alienation that can be a part of the school experience for many young people every day.  At this event, participants will engage in games, trust-building activities, presentations, motivational speakers and more. The focus will be on teen pregnancy prevention and LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS Awareness via the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies.

Challenge Day, now Empowerment Day ,was started by Warren Easton’s alumnus Bernell Elzey in 2009 and was so successful, Easton began inviting other schools to attend.  The program has allowed Warren Easton Charter High School to be nationally recognized as the only SAVE School in Louisiana and a No Place for Hate School.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, about 160,000 kids won’t go to school today for fear of being bullied.

About SAVE:

SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) is a student-initiated program that promotes nonviolence within schools and communities. SAVE provides education about the effects and consequences of violence and helps provide safe activities for students, parents and communities.

About No Place for Hate:

No Place for Hate® is an exciting nation-wide campaign sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. Standing up to bullies and against bigotry is never easy – particularly for young people. ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative empowers the whole school community – teachers and students, administrators and parents – to tackle prejudice, bullying and intergroup conflict.

About Warren Easton Charter High School:

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