Einstein Band Director and Football Coach Continue Teaching Music and Exercise Through Videos

Band Director teaches drums and trumpet and Coach teaches Calisthenics
Distance learning has not stopped Einstein Charter Schools from teaching their students the importance of physical education and music.  ““We believe that in order to nurture students to be academically STRONG as well as socially and emotionally resilient requires a commitment to the arts and athletics,” said Einstein Charter Schools CEO Mike McKenzie.Einstein Ban Director Melvin Wiilliams has created videos to teach 6-12th graders about music through his “Garage Bandz” series. 

In one video, he teaches rhythm and tempo through percussion and students are taught about cadence, tap accents, paradiddles, and single and double stroke rolls. In another, he teaches about range and articulation through trumpet. “Sometimes music is the only medicine that the heart and soul needs,” says Williams at the end of every video. See Band Director Williams’ videos here: https://youtu.be/QJwBD5BGQFs   and  https://youtu.be/u4qBcDX7Qxc

Head Football Coach Glenn Bell is coaching fitness classes via video and with the help of his son Chris.  Coach instructs students in calisthenics with Russian walks, lunges, high knees, skips, sprints, shuffles and more.  Coach plans on incorporating yoga, aerobics and more in other classes. See a Coach Bell video here:  https://youtu.be/RLl_gy-X100 If you would like to speak with Band Director Williams or Coach Bell, please contact Heather harper at hharper@h2nola.net

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