GNO Collaborative Teachers

Lower Elem Teacher (1st – 3rd)/Audubon Schools

Date: June 5th, 2024

Title: Teacher

Purpose of Position: To provide an engaging and enriching educational experience for students

Employment Status: Full-time Reporting

Reports to: Principal

Location: Assigned campus

Essential Functions:

Demonstrate Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy

· Create lesson and unit plans that support instructional outcomes and reflect important concepts in the discipline

· Create lesson and unit plans that accommodate prerequisite relationships among concepts and skills

· Provide clear and accurate classroom explanations

· Provide accurate answers to students’ questions

· Provide feedback to students that furthers learning

· Work with colleagues to assure interdisciplinary connections are planned and practiced

· Ensure educational outcomes are of a challenging cognitive level, central to the discipline, allow student choice, use varied resources, allow for thoughtfully planned learning groups and interdisciplinary in nature

· Ensure alignment of outcomes, activities and skills

· Ensure assessments adequately measure student mastery of presented content

· Plan and implement instructional outcomes which allow differentiation for students of varied abilities

Create an Environment of Respect and Rapport

· Encourage and model respectful talk, active listening and turn taking

· Acknowledge students’ backgrounds and lives outside of the classroom

· Exhibit body language indicative of warmth and caring to students

· Encourage and model politeness and support for all community members

· Encourage and model fairness in all interactions

Establish a Culture for Learning

· Demonstrate a belief in the value of what is being learned and the Montessori and French instructional pedagogies

· Encourage high expectations, supported through both verbal and nonverbal behaviors, for both learning and participation

· Encourage and recognize effort and persistence on the parts of students

· Create a culture that promotes high expectations for expression and work products

· Establish smooth functioning classroom routines with little or no loss of instructional time

· Create classroom routines where students play an important role in carrying out the routines

Utilize Effective Instructional Strategies

· Create and pose questions of high cognitive challenge which have been formulated by both students and the teacher

· Create and pose questions with multiple correct answers or approaches, even when there is a single correct response

· Effectively utilize student responses and ideas

· Facilitate and encourage high levels of student participation in student led discussion

· Encourage and support student enthusiasm, interest, thinking, problem solving, etc.

· Create learning tasks that require high-level student thinking and invite students to explain their thinking

· Create an environment where students are actively “working” rather than watching while their teacher “works”

· Create effectively paced lessons

· Gathers and uses evidence of student understanding to information instruction and remediation

· Assists students in assessing their own work against established criteria

Display Professionalism and Commitment to the Audubon Community

· Reflect and refine instruction based on feedback from others and self-reflection

· Create systems and routines that track student metrics to improve both academic and socio-emotional outcomes

· Maintain accurate documentation of student progress

· Frequently and in a way that is culturally appropriate, communicate with families regarding the program and student progress

· Cultivate positive two-way communication between school and families

· Create frequent opportunities for families to engage in the learning process

· Regularly work with colleagues to share and plan for student success

· Participate in professional development opportunities that emphasize improving practice

· Regularly participate in or initiate school activities which further the mission of the school

· Regularly participate in or initiate activities which emphasize community service

· Supports students even in the face of difficult situations or conflicting policies

· Fulfills organizational mandates regarding policies and procedures

Education, Training and Experience:


· Bachelor’s degree required

· Certification or ability to gain certification as a Teacher in instructional area

· Experience creating and successfully managing a classroom environment

· Experience in and/or understanding of the public school system including charter schools is desirable


· Master’s degree in education or related field

· Montessori or National Board Certification

· Certification in multiple instructional areas

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