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Hynes Charter Schools Leaders Honored with 2024 Charter School Leadership Impact Award

Date: August 25th, 2023
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Hynes Charter Schools Leaders Honored with 2024 Charter School Leadership Impact Award

Hynes Charter Schools is pleased to announce that three of its leaders have been honored with the 2024 Hynes Leadership Impact Award: Dana Clark-Williams, Assistant Principal of Hynes-UNO; Brandi Huling, Director of Special Education and Anne Kramer, Chief Academic Officer. The award was given at the Hynes Charter Schools back to school meeting held in August.  The award is given to leaders whose work has had an 
indelible mark on the organization’s progress and sustainability.

“These school leaders exemplify the core elements of Hynes Charter Schools that drive student success. Recipients of the Hynes Leadership Impact Award have all made significant contributions to the growth and progress of Hynes Charter Schools,” said Hynes Charter Schools CEO Michelle Douglas. “These leaders are focused on the academic and socio-emotional needs of our students while understanding the importance of building an inclusive and positive school culture and committed community. We are beyond thankful for their many contributions to Hynes.”

Dana Clark-Williams joined the Hynes family as the solutions coordinator for the inaugural year of Hynes-Parkview. This veteran educator has many talents, and they were quickly recognized as she was selected for the Assistant Principal position at Hynes-UNO beginning in July 2022. Brandi Huling is a calming and patient person who will step up in any way needed. Brandi’s vision and determination has increased the effectiveness of our support for all learners. Anne Kramer has been a part of the Hynes family since before Katrina. Her passion for education is the driving force behind her relentless pursuit of a high-quality educational experience for all students.

Commensurate with the 70th anniversary year of Hynes, the Hynes Leadership Impact Award has been given to strong leaders who have contributed to the expansion, strength and success of Hynes Charter Schools. With its expansion, Hynes can now serve more students through its high-quality programming at three campuses: Hynes-Lakeview, Hynes-UNO and Hynes-Parkview. 

The 2022 inaugural award recipient was Hynes Chief Operations Officer Shawn Persick, for her leadership in establishing Hynes Schools as their own LEAs.  The 2023 award recipient was Hynes Chief Financial Officer Leon Mathes for his contributions to Hynes’ financial operations during COVID and Hynes-UNO pre construction due diligence processes.

“Our schools are high-performing and top of the charts in growth because of the ability of our staff to inspire others to put our Hynes vision in action,” said Dr. Douglas.

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Hynes Charter Schools leaders honored with the 2024 Hynes Leadership Impact Award: Brandi Huling, Director of Special Education; Dana Clark-Williams, Assistant Principal of Hynes-UNO; and Anne Kramer, Chief Academic Officer.


Hynes Charter Schools are some of the highest demand, non-selective admissions elementary schools in Orleans Parish, serving three campuses in Lakeview and Gentilly. Hynes offers a challenging academic curriculum that includes a progressive literacy program; gifted and talented courses, classes in art, instrumental music, vocal music, library, theater and physical education. Art and social-emotional learning are integrated throughout the curriculum.  In addition, Hynes offers a French Immersion program at two campuses.  Hynes is proud of the collaborative culture that it fosters with distributed leadership and shared decision-making. Hynes has identified five core elements that drive its success: 1.) student centered instruction, 2.) an inclusive and positive school culture, 3.) tailored enrichment opportunities for students, 4.) an invested and committed community and 5.) having a sustainable organization.

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