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Young Audiences Charter School 1st Grader Makes Science Videos with his little brother

Young Audiences Charter School 1st Grader Makes Science Videos with his Little BrotherTalon Bergeron and his brother give lessons in why you need to wash your hands, making hand sanitizer, and perform experiments

Young Audiences Charter School 1st grader Talon Bergeron sure is keeping busy, besides being stuck at home due to schools being closed for COVID-19. Talon and his little brother, incoming YACS PreK4 student Ty, have started their own YouTube channel.  Talon, with the assistance of Ty and his cameraman Mom, have filmed five science-related videos. The video topics include “ Why you need to wash your hands” and “How to make hand sanitizer,” as well as experiments including the Mentos/Coke, M & M rainbow and bubble experiments.

“As an arts integrated school, we are encouraging our students to be creative at home with learning,” said YACS School Leader Brandon House. “I applaud Talon’s dedication to science in the videos he is creating, it makes me proud that our YACS students are dedicated to making the most of at-home learning and finding these outlets to express themselves.”
Watch the Bergeron brothers here:

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